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The Solitude Of Self PART B:Which statement offers the strongest support for the answer in Part A? ​

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You are serving on a jury. a plaintiff is suing the city for injuries sustained after falling down an uncovered manhole. in the trial, doctors testified that it will be 5 years before the plaintiff is able to return to work. the jury has already decided in favor of the plaintiff, and has decided to grant the plaintiff an award to cover the following items: a. recovery of 2 years of back-pay ($34,000 for two years ago, and $36,000 for last year, which ends today). assume that it is december 31 and that all salary is received at year end. this recovery should include the time value of money. b. the present value of 5 years of future salary. assume that the plaintiff's salary would increase at a rate of 3 percent per year. c. $100,000 for pain and suffering. d. $20,000 for court costs. assume an interest rate of 7 percent. what should be the size of the settlement?
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Martin, a 32-year-old human relations administrator at a university, believes that all professors over age 50 are incapable of learning the new educational technologies and are content to keep presenting their same "tired, boring" lectures. he often expresses these views to other administrators and does not encourage any of the "older" faculty members to attend professional development meetings related to new teaching approaches nor does he suggest that the university send them to any of the technology conferences. martin is exhibiting
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Nita is the office manager at a service station. two applicants, max and tim, arrive to interview for the open mechanic's position. max's clothes are dirty, his hair is unwashed, and he doesn't make eye contact when he gives nita his name. tim dresses in clean jeans and a nice shirt, is shaved, and shakes nita's hand when he introduces himself. after the interview, keith the head mechanic, asks nita what she thought. both men have the skill set needed for the position. nita recommends tim. she is responding to her perception of
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Peggy feels sorry for smokers who have lung cancer because she believes they were duped by tobacco companies to develop a deadly addiction and are therefore not responsible for their disease. when asked to donate money to support lung cancer research, peggy gives generously. peggy’s prosocial behavior can best be explained by the arousal: cost-reward model. the negative state relief model. a norm of equity. attributions of responsibility.
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The Solitude Of Self PART B:Which statement offers the strongest support for the answer in Part A?...

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