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As an employee of the "meat" company Spam, it is your job to determine which style of Spam people like best: traditional style, spicy style, or chunky style. You are also responsible for determining whether or not people prefer the newly developed "fresh" Spam that needs to be refrigerated (it also comes in traditional, spicy, and chunky varieties), or the regular Spam in a can (i. e., that does not need to be refrigerated). You ask 100 participants to taste all 6 different kinds of Spam and rate how much they like each variety using a Likert scale ranging from 1 (do not like at all) to 10 (like a lot). All participants try the regular Spam (that does not need to be refrigerated) before they try the fresh Spam. The average ratings for each variety of Spam are listed below. Regular Spam, Traditional: 5
Fresh Spam, Traditional: 6
Regular Spam, Spicy: 4
Fresh Spam, Spicy: 5
Regular Spam, Chunky: 3
Fresh Spam, Chunky: 4
Identify the independent variable(s).

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