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What are the two basic types of glaciers? where is each type found?

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In a market economy, what does a producer mean when it asks, "is there a market for my products? is there a place where we can sell our products? " "ls our product being made more cheaply overseas? " will consumers need and want to buy our products? " will the government support demand for our products? "
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Which two characteristics belong to mahayana buddhism. a. followers worship and offer animal sacrifice at festivals b. a followers highest aim is to attain the status of a bodhisattva c. an emphasis is placed on fulfilling sensual pleasure d. this form of buddhism is the most acient for od buddhism that exists today e. followers belive that everyone is capable of attaining enlightenment
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Lots of points: economics: a benefit, such as health insurance, paid vacation, or a retirement plan, that is received by an employee in addition to regular pay is known as a. a fringe benefit b. a pension c. a grievance d. workers’ compensation
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Imagine you are driving down the highway and reading a sign that states save the planet don't litter which technique of policy enactment is being used
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What are the two basic types of glaciers? where is each type found?...

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