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What is wireless electricity​

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Mary runs around a track consisting of two parallel lines 96m long connected at the ends by two semicircles with a radius of 49m. she completes one lap in 100 seconds. what is her average velocity?
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Which of the following is a source of heat for magma formation? magma plumes in the continental crust friction due to divergence friction due to subduction magma plumes in the oceanic crust
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(a) the axes of two polaroids are placed at an angle so that the intensity of the incident unpolarized light is reduced to 1/3. what is that angle? (b) if unpolarized light passes through two polaroids whose axes are placed at an angle of 40 degrees, how much would the intensity of the light be reduced to?
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Unpolarized light with an intensity of 34 units is passed through two successive polarizing filters, the first with its polarization axis aligned with the vertical and the second with its polarization axis rotated 55∘ from the vertical. find the intensity of the light after passing through the two polarizing filters. give your answer in same unit as the original light and with 3 significant figures.
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What is wireless electricity​...

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