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I raised a 20 kg rock 1.5 m off the ground. I am just holding it now. Nothing is moving (except for the muscles in my back and arms that are twitching like crazy--doing work--but that's internal energy/work). So how much mechanical work am I doing now

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Like a key in a lock, the shape of the. must bind with the. of the recieving neuron
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Unpolarized light with an intensity of 34 units is passed through two successive polarizing filters, the first with its polarization axis aligned with the vertical and the second with its polarization axis rotated 55∘ from the vertical. find the intensity of the light after passing through the two polarizing filters. give your answer in same unit as the original light and with 3 significant figures.
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The magnetic field inside a superconducting solenoid is 4.50 t. the solenoid has an inner diameter of 6.20 cm and a length of 26.0 cm. determine (a) the magnetic energy density in the field and (b) the energy stored in the magnetic field within the solenoid.
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An object weigh 40n in air ,weigh 20n when submerged in water, and 30n when submerged in a liquid of unknown liquid density. what is the density of unknown of liquid?
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I raised a 20 kg rock 1.5 m off the ground. I am just holding it now. Nothing is moving (except for...

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