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Which 2 types of potential energies would be types of mechanical energies

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An oil drum is cylindrical, with diameter 1 meter. if it is half full of oil that has a density of 920 kg/m3, and it is lying on its side, find the force on each end.
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Which features on mars point to the possibility of liquid water on the planet? impact craters with sharp rims volcanic cones with craters gullies and stream-like channels mountain ranges with faults
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The california mussel (mytilus californianus) attaches itself to a rock or other solid surface with a bundle of filaments known as the byssus. imagine that 15.0 j of work is done to stretch the distal end of the byssus. it releases 10.8 j of thermal energy as it relaxes. what is the resilience of the distal end of the byssus?
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In the nineteenth century, gregor mendel first determined some basic rules of genetics that have been observed throughout all types of life. no observations have disproved these basic rules of genetics. charles darwin developed the idea of biological evolution around the same time, but he was unaware of mendel’s discoveries in genetics. over a century later, darwin’s idea of evolution was modified in order to incorporate mendel’s rules of genetics along with the other evidence that darwin had used. what is most likely the relationship between mendel’s rules of genetics and darwin’s idea of biological evolution? a.)mendel’s genetics states laws that are now part of the theory of biological evolution. b.)biological evolution states laws that are part of mendel’s theory of genetics. c.)mendel’s genetics replaced darwin’s entire concept of biological evolution. d.)biological evolution is a law that explains why all genetics exist.
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Which 2 types of potential energies would be types of mechanical energies...

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