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The temperature near the surface of the earth is 295 k. an argon atom (atomic mass = 39.948 u) has a kinetic energy equal to the average translational kinetic energy and is moving straight up. if the atom does not collide with any other atoms or molecules, how high up would it go before coming to rest? assume that the acceleration due to gravity is constant throughout the ascent.

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By inserting a constant, a statement of proportionality can be turned into an equation. for example, the diameter of a circle is proportional to its radius, ∝ insertion of the constant of proportionality 2, allows one to express this relationship as an equation, = for gases, the constant of proportionality is boltzmann’s constant. use this constant to express the relationship you derived in step 1 as an equation instead of a proportionality. from a text or web resource, find the most common expression of this equation, which is called the ideal gas law.
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Suppose a diode consists of a cylindrical cathode with a radius of 6.200×10^−2 cm , mounted coaxially within a cylindrical anode with a radius of 0.5580 cm . the potential difference between the anode and cathode is 260 v . an electron leaves the surface of the cathode with zero initial speed (v initial=0). find its speed vfinal when it strikes the anode.
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Often called simply "velocity," this is the velocity of an object at a particular moment in time.
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On a geologic map, if the contacts between sedimentary rock units form a bull’s-eye pattern of concentric circles, with the youngest unit in the center, the underlying structure is a(n)
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The temperature near the surface of the earth is 295 k. an argon atom (atomic mass = 39.948 u) has a...

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