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My brother hit me in the eye 4 hours ago and it won't stop being sensitive and watering on its own. What do I do?

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Give the names of the following body motions produced by muscle actions: increases the angel of a joint. turns the palm downward. decreases the angle of a joint. points the toes.
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Anurse is assessing for allergies for a client who is scheduled to receive the influenza vaccine. which of the following allergies should the nurse identify as a contraindication for this vaccine? a. peanuts b. eggs c. shellfish d. milk
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What is the purpose of the tenth amendment? a. to establish the electoral college b. to give each state constitution the same protection as the federal constitution c. to grant to the citizens of each state access to the federal court system powers d. to limit the power of the central government by establishing reserved powers for states and individuals
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Mr. smith, a 57-year-old patient, presents at a health fair asking questions about the age-appropriate health maintenance and promotion considerations he should be concerned about. he stated that he only goes to his physician when he is sick and the last time he saw his physician was 2 years ago when he had a sinus infection. a. what further assessment does the nurse need to make before designing a teaching plan? b. what topics does the nurse need to include for mr. smith based on current medical recommendations? c. design a teaching plan that covers the topics.
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My brother hit me in the eye 4 hours ago and it won't stop being sensitive and watering on its own....

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