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Premises: p∨q, q∧s, s->t, ¬t

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Point r divides in the ratio 1 : 3. if the x-coordinate of r is -1 and the x-coordinate of p is -3, what is the x-coordinate of q? a. b. 3 c. 5 d. 6 e. -9
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You know the solutions to the quadratic equations are 3 and -2. the 3 and -2 are also known as?
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Formulate the indicated conclusion in nontechnical terms. be sure to address the original claim. the foundation chair for a hospital claims that the mean number of filled overnight beds is over 523, and she is therefore justified starting a funding campaign to add a wing to the hospital. assuming that a hypothesis test has been conducted and that the conclusion is failure to reject the null hypothesis, state the conclusion in nontechnical terms.
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Due to a packaging error, 4 cans labeled diet soda were accidentally filled with regular soda and placed in a 12 pack carton of diet soda. two cans were randomly selected from this 12 pack. what is the probability that both cans were regular soda?
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Premises: p∨q, q∧s, s->t, ¬t...

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