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What is 10 decreased by 80%?

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Consider a bag that contains 220 coins of which 6 are rare indian pennies. for the given pair of events a and​ b, complete parts​ (a) and​ (b) below. ​a: when one of the 220 coins is randomly​ selected, it is one of the 6 indian pennies. ​b: when another one of the 220 coins is randomly selected​ (with replacement), it is also one of the 6 indian pennies. a. determine whether events a and b are independent or dependent. b. find​ p(a and​ b), the probability that events a and b both occur.
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Tobias gold sells computers at the office center he's guaranteed a minimum salary of $1,959 per month plus 6.3% commission on total sales how much in total sales is he
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What is 10 decreased by 80%?...

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