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Help me this is so hard I’ll give u brainlist

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Three coins are flipped. what is the probability that there will be at least two tails?
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Which data set has a greater spread? why? set a: {38, 12, 23, 48, 55, 16, 18} set b: {44, 13, 24, 12, 56} has a greater spread because .
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Four airplanes carrying a total of 400 passengersarrive at the detroit airport. the airplanes carry, respectively,50, 80, 110, and 160 passengers. a) one of the 400 passengers is selected uniformly at random. let x denote the number of passengers that were on theairplane carrying the randomly selected passenger. find var(x)for x as given in the problemb) one of the 4 airplane drivers is also selected uniformly atrandom. let y denote the number of passengers on the chosen driver’s airplane. find var(y) for y as given in the problem
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Find the exact value of each of the following. in each case, show your work and explain the steps you take to find the value. (a) sin 17π/6 (b) tan 13π/4 (c) sec 11π/3
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Help me this is so hard I’ll give u brainlist...

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