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Simplify 5.42 - 4.987

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Can someone me with these two circle theorem questions asap?
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Venita is sewing new curtains. the table below shows the relationship between the number of stitches in a row and the length ofthe row. sewingnumber of stitches length (cm)51 131532024306what is the relationship between the number of stitches and the length? othe number of stitches istimes the length. o. the number of stitches is 3 times the length.​
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Determine the common ratio and find the next three terms of the geometric sequence. 649-14-02-00-00_files/i0100000, 649-14-02-00-00_files/i0100001, 2, a. 3; 649-14-02-00-00_files/i0100002, 649-14-02-00-00_files/i0100003, 649-14-02-00-00_files/i0100004. c. 649-14-02-00-00_files/i0100005; 649-14-02-00-00_files/i0100006, 649-14-02-00-00_files/i0100007, 649-14-02-00-00_files/i0100008. b. 3; 6, 18, 54 d. 649-14-02-00-00_files/i0100009. 6, 18, 54 select the best answer from the choices provided a b c d
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Amajor grocery store chain is trying to cut down on waste. currently, they get peaches from two different distributors, whole fruits and green grocer. out of a two large shipments, the manager randomly selects items from both suppliers and counts the number of items that are not sell-able due to bruising, disease or other problems. she then makes a confidence interval. is there a significant difference in the quality of the peaches between the two distributors? 95% ci for pw-pg: (0.064, 0.156)
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