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The sales department at Atwell Studios consists of three people, the manufacturing department consists of six people, and the accounting department consists of two people. Three people will be selected at random from these people and will be given gift certificates to Sweet Tomatoes, a local restaurant. Determine the probability that two of those selected will be from the manufacturing department and one will be from the accounting department.

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High school seniors with strong academic records apply to the nation’s most selective colleges in greater numbers each year. because the number of slots remains relatively stable, some colleges reject more early applicants. suppose that for a recent admissions class, an ivy league college received 2851 applications for early admission. of this group, it admitted 1033 students early, rejected 854 outright, and deferred 964 to the regular admission pool for further consideration. in the past, this school has admitted 18% of the deferred early admission applicants during the regular admission process. counting the students admitted early and the students admitted during the regular admission process, the total class size was 2375. let e, r, and d represent the events that a student who applies for early admission is admitted early, rejected outright, or deferred to the regular admissions pool. suppose a student applies for early admission. what is the probability that the student will be admitted for early admission or be deferred and later admitted during the regular admission process?
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The sales department at Atwell Studios consists of three people, the manufacturing department consis...

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