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If y=10,000, what is 0.2% of y

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List the sides of δrst in in ascending order (shortest to longest) if: m∠r =x+28°, m∠s = 2x+16°, and m∠t = x+12°
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Asmall business produces and sells balls. the fixed costs are $20 and each ball costs $4.32 to produce. each ball sells for $8.32. write the equations for the total cost, c, and the revenue, r, then use the graphing method to determine how many balls must be sold to break even.
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What do the following two equations represent? -x - 3y = -1 -x – 3y = -1
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What is the total area of the figure?
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If y=10,000, what is 0.2% of y...

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