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(3) x^2y" = 2xy - (y), y(1) = 4, 7(1) = 2 ololutions to the homogene

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0if x and y vary inversely and y=6 as x=7, what is the constant of variation?
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Awater truck is filling a swimming pool. the equation that represents this relationship is y=19.75x where y is the number of gallons of water in the pool and x is the number of minutes the truck has been filling the pool.
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Liz is shipping a package to her friend. the maximum weight of a medium flat-rate box is 20 pounds, including the box which weighs 6 ounces. write and solve an inequality to describe the possible weight in pounds, w, of the contents that liz will ship to her friend if she must use a medium flat-rate box. use the drop-down menus to explain your answer.
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Plz! the computer store offers simon opportunity to purchase the ipad on their retail credit program. if simon agrees to pay $40/month for the next tree years, he can walk out his purchase today. - on this credit program, how much would simon pay in total for the $945 tablets computer? - how much interest would simon pay he could have the ipad right now?
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(3) x^2y" = 2xy - (y), y(1) = 4, 7(1) = 2 ololutions to the homogene...

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