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Which of the following statement is not true about snacks

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The future for teen moms can be compromised due to the demands of parenting.
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Which of these is a long-term goal? a. i want to lose two pounds in a month. b. dylan wants to finish reading his favorite book this week. c. thomas plans to invite his parents to his home for dinner. d. daisy wants to write a children’s book on nutrition
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Which of the following does not cause blindness? a. cataractsb. glaucomac. osteoarthritisd. diabetes
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A62-year-old man is being treated for an acute myocardial infarction. he originally came to the ed with substernal chest pain and diaphoresis. given his risk factors of hypertension, diabetes, tobacco use, and family history, he is considered high risk. an ecg in the ed reveals a left-bundle branch pattern, and cardiac enzymes are elevated slightly. after a focused evaluation in the ed, the patient receives iv thrombolytics. although his bundle branch pattern never resolves, the patient is chest pain-free and haemodynamically stable after thrombolysis. two days later, however, the patient reports episodes of recurrent chest discomfort and shortness of breath overnight. in evaluating for potential myocardial reinfarction, which of the following is the most appropriate diagnostic test? - creatinine kinase- dynamic ecg changes- lactate dehydrogenase- myoglobin levels- troponin i level
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Which of the following statement is not true about snacks...

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