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Social class in great expectations

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In hard times by charles dickens, mr. gradgrind’s name can be interpreted in several ways. the selection supports all of the following interpretations except he grinds out graduates who are similar to each other as if he were running a factory he grinds the importance of facts into students’ heads he grinds down children by crushing their imaginations he grinds his teeth together, suggesting his intolerance for fantasy
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Ineed ideas for this essay something easy that i can do does anyone have any ideas on what i should write on for this 100 points ! write a procedural essay with media that is 1 ½–2 pages in length. clearly state your topic, and include all steps necessary to complete the procedure. you will submit your prewriting and planning documents along with your essay.
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What is the definition of scathing? a. to assail with abusive language c. to deter by advice or persuasion b. bitterly severe, as a remark d. the west wind; a mild wind
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(important to read ender's game before answering) in what ways can people be both intelligent and foolish at the same time? how does the author show ender’s intelligence enabling him to fight against authority? make sure your ideas are well-organized and clear. review your word choice and make sure supports your purpose. edit by correcting errors in spelling and grammar and give your work a final polish.
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Social class in great expectations...

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