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'ACME Experiments has promised to lead the way into the future. Our energy source is clean, safe, and powerful. You can no longer be uncaring and indifferent. “You would be a terrible person if you continued to sit idly while your planet
is destroyed in cruelty by toxic chemicals that you use for energy. "Do you really want to be one of those lazy and
ignorant people responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer and the extinction of precious animal and plant life?
if you support our plan, you can rest assured that your planet will stay safe and clean. Our plan is to combine
magnesium oxide and dihydro-oxide in laboratory conditions. SIsolating chemicals in the labs limits the potential for
spills. Then, through a genius plan developed by ACME's intelligent engineers, we can capture the released energy.
10 Yes, the same company that has been a leader in service for 250 years has come up with yet another great idea. "By
capturing the released energy, no pollutants are released into the atmosphere. 12It is 99.9 percent certain that this plan
will work to help reduce global warming. 13This new energy could replace electricity, and you have ACME to thank for
this wonderful discovery.
Which of the following uses logic to persuade?
sentence 2
sentence 10
sentence 12
O sentence 13

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'ACME Experiments has promised to lead the way into the future. Our energy source is clean, safe, an...

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