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No longer in use because a better one has been discovered what is the word

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Which of the following questions could you ask in a discussion on vacation destinations to establish common ground?
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In the space below, write a 1000-word essay presenting information about an author’s style. reference the author’s work as well as other researched sources. a successful essay will be focused on one specific aspect of the author’s style, give three references to the author’s work, give three references to other sources, and use correct citations.
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Write a summary of “tribal nations: climate change threatens traditional ways of life.”
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“third, all reviewers have a bias – no matter how impartial they try to be, opinions on movies are just that: opinions. this isn’t necessarily a bad thing: if you read a review by a critic that you know prefers foreign films, you know how seriously you should take his scathing critique of ironman.” according to this passage, all reviewers a. prefer foreign films c. have bias b. hated the movie ironman d. refuse to watch popular films
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No longer in use because a better one has been discovered what is the word...

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