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Write a letter to your foreign friend describing about hindu festival holi​

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Click to read the passage from "lifeboat ethics," by garrett hardin. then answer the question. what is the author's purpose for including the following example in his argument against rich nations poor nations? a. he wants to explain why more nations need to invest in "miracle" crops. b. he wants to disprove the idea that poor nations will eventually be able to support themselves. c. he wants to prove that the green revolution is the best use of people's money. d. he wants to show a solution to poverty that he believes can actually work.
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In this unit ,we learned about arguments and rhetoric. in an argument we ,not informal language.
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By comparing part 1 and 2 of polar opposites what does it mean by polar opposites
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As you have learned, epic heroes experience trials along their journeys. using your knowledge from beowulf, create a trial you believe an epic hero like beowulf might face. you will need to write a description of the trial using the aspects of a narrative. the trial can be anything you imagine, meaning you can test the hero in any way you see fit. be creative and have fun with this! let your creativity flow. focus on key attributes of beowulf and use his attributes to create a trial that would truly test him. since beowulf is very strong, a trial involving strength and endurance might be to easy. try thinking outside the box to create a trial that would truly test the hero of the geats. examples of beowulf’s attributes: couragous, loyal, strong, persistant, honorable, confident try to use one or multiples of these attribute when designing your trial. a good way to think of this activity is that you are a hunger games game designer. what could you make that would stump beowulf
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Write a letter to your foreign friend describing about hindu festival holi​...

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