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The rectangular frame is composed of four perimeter two-force members and two cables AC and BD which are incapable of supporting compression. Determine the forces in all members due to the load L in position (a) and then in position (b). Forces are positive if in tension, negative if in compression.

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Asingle-geared blanking press has a stroke of 200 mm and a rated capacity of 320 kn. a cam driven ram is assumed to be capable of delivering the full press load at constant force during the last 15 percent of a constant-velocity stroke. the camshaft has an average speed of 90 rev/min and is geared to the flywheel shaft at a 6: 1 ratio. the total work done is to include an allowance of 16 percent for friction a) estimate the maximum energy fluctuation b) find the rim weight for an effective diameter of 1.2 m and a coefficient of speed fluctuation of 0.10
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Vibration monitoring this technique uses the noise or vibration created by mechanical equipment and in seme cases by plant systems to detemine their actual condtion. a)- true b)- false
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Athin walled concentric tube exchanger is used to cool engine oil from 160°c to 60°c with water that is available at 25°c acting as a coolant. the oil and water flow rates are each at 2 kg/s, and the diameter of the inner tube is 0.5 m and the corresponding value of the overall heat transfer coefficient is 250 w/m2. oc. how long must the heat exchanger be to accomplish the desired cooling? cpwater=4.187 kj/kg-candcpengine el=2.035 kj/kg·°c, oil . 120]
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A9-in diameter stainless steel bar is turned on a lathe at 620 rpm and at a depth of cut d-0.18 in. if the power of the motor is 8 hp and has mechanical efficiency of 75%, what is the maximum feed rate for that spindle speed. (hint: use specific energy to calculate mrr. assume depth of cut doesn't change between the two cutting conditions.)
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The rectangular frame is composed of four perimeter two-force members and two cables AC and BD which...

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