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Cubism Cubism was developed between 1907 and
1912 by the artist Pablo Picasso (1882-1973)
and the French artist Georges Braque
(1882-1963). They were influenced by African
tribal art and the work of the French post-
impressionist painter Paul CĂ©zanne, who advo-
45 cated a geometric approach to art. CĂ©zanne
stated that artists should treat nature in terms
of the cylinder, the sphere, and the cone."
29. When the author refers to Paul CĂ©zanne as a
post-impressionist painter, we can infer that:
A. impressionism and expressionism are
related artistic styles.
B. the impressionist style preceded cubism.
C. African tribal art influenced impressionism
D. cubism influenced impressionism

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Cubism Cubism was developed between 1907 and
1912 by the artist Pablo Picasso (1882-1973)

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