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Human capital labor market issues: a. refers to a worker in a capital intensive industry. b. include the equipment, tools, and computers that make workers more productive. c. include the skills, knowledge, and experience that people obtain. d. refers to workers who do highly repetitive work, which requires little thought and creativity.

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Modern firms increasingly rely on other firms to supply goods and services instead of doing these tasks themselves. this increased level of is leading to increased emphasis on management.
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Which of the following is a function performed by market prices? a. market prices communicate information to buyers and sellers. b. market prices coordinate the decisions of buyers and sellers. c. market prices motivate entrepreneurs to produce those products that are currently most desired relative to their costs of production. d. all of the above are functions performed by market prices.
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Perry is a freshman, he estimates that the cost of tuition, books, room and board, transportation, and other incidentals will be $30000 this year. he expects these costs to rise about $1500 each year while he is in college. if it will take him 5 years to earn his bs, what is the present cost of his degree at an interest rate of 6%? if he earns and extra $10000 annually for 40 years, what is the present worth of his degree.?
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When immigration adds to the size of the domestic labor pool, which of the following is likely to occur? a. wages decrease. b. productivity increases. c. consumption decreases. d. minimum wage increases.
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Human capital labor market issues: a. refers to a worker in a capital intensive industry. b. includ...

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