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A coupon for free milk on a box of cheerios is a offer.

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How did lani lazzari show her investors she was a good investment? (site 1)
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The treasurer for pittsburgh iron works wishes to use financial futures to hedge her interest rate exposure. she will sell five treasury futures contracts at $139,000 per contract. it is july and the contracts must be closed out in december of this year. long-term interest rates are currently 7.30 percent. if they increase to 9.50 percent, assume the value of the contracts will go down by 20 percent. also if interest rates do increase by 2.2 percent, assume the firm will have additional interest expense on its business loans and other commitments of $149,000. this expense, of course, will be separate from the futures contracts. a. what will be the profit or loss on the futures contract if interest rates increase to 9.50 percent by december when the contract is closed out
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Mcdonald's fast-food restaurants have a well-designed training program for all new employees. each new employee is supposed to learn how to perform standardized tasks required to maintain mcdonald's service quality. due to labor shortages in some areas, new employees begin work as soon as they are hired and do not receive any off-the-job training. this nonconformity to standards creates
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Assume that (i) setups need to be completed first; (ii) a setup can only start once the batch has arrived at the resource, and (iii) all flow units of a batch need to be processed at a resource before any of the units of the batch can be moved to the next resource. process step 1 molding 2 painting 3 dressing setup time 15 min. 30 min. no setup processing time 0.25 min./unit 0.15 min./unit 0.30 min./unit which batch size would minimize inventory without decreasing the process capacity?
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A coupon for free milk on a box of cheerios is a offer....

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