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during the current year, Pam realizes $6,000 of taxable income from activity A, $1,000 of loss from activity B, and $8,000 of taxable income from activity C. All three activities are passive activities with regard to Pam. In addition, $30,000 of passive losses from activity C are carried over from prior years. During the current year, Pam sells activity C for a $15,000 taxable gain. Pam reports salary income of $90,000 for the year. How much of losses, if any, can Pam deduct from her salary

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Assume today is december 31, 2013. barrington industries expects that its 2014 after-tax operating income [ebit(1 – t)] will be $400 million and its 2014 depreciation expense will be $70 million. barrington's 2014 gross capital expenditures are expected to be $120 million and the change in its net operating working capital for 2014 will be $25 million. the firm's free cash flow is expected to grow at a constant rate of 4.5% annually. assume that its free cash flow occurs at the end of each year. the firm's weighted average cost of capital is 8.6%; the market value of the company's debt is $2.15 billion; and the company has 180 million shares of common stock outstanding. the firm has no preferred stock on its balance sheet and has no plans to use it for future capital budgeting projects. using the corporate valuation model, what should be the company's stock price today (december 31, 2013)? round your answer to the nearest cent. do not round intermediate calculations.
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Laurelton heating & cooling installs and services commercial heating and cooling systems. laurelton uses job costing to calculate the cost of its jobs. overhead is allocated to each job based on the number of direct labor hours spent on that job. at the beginning of the current year, laurelton estimated that its overhead for the coming year would be $ 61 comma 500. it also anticipated using 4 comma 100 direct labor hours for the year. in april comma laurelton started and completed the following two jobs: (click the icon to view the jobs.) laurelton paid a $ 20-per-hour wage rate to the employees who worked on these two jobs. read the requirements requirement 1. what is laurelton's predetermined overhead rate based on direct labor hours? determine the formula to calculate laurelton's predetermined overhead rate based on direct labor hours, then calculate the rate. / = predetermined overhead rate
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Which one of the following statements is correct? process costing systems use periodic inventory systems. process costing systems assign costs to departments or processes for a time period. companies that produce many different products or services are more likely to use process costing systems. production is continuous when a job-order costing is used to ensure that adequate quantities are on hand.
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Who owns a renter-occupied apartment? a. the government b. a landlord c. the resident d. a cooperative
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during the current year, Pam realizes $6,000 of taxable income from activity A, $1,000 of loss from...

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