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Which may be a benefit of inflation

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Alpha industries is considering a project with an initial cost of $8 million. the project will produce cash inflows of $1.49 million per year for 8 years. the project has the same risk as the firm. the firm has a pretax cost of debt of 5.61 percent and a cost of equity of 11.27 percent. the debt–equity ratio is .60 and the tax rate is 35 percent. what is the net present value of the project?
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Asmartphone manufacturing company uses social media to achieve different business objectives. match each social media activity of the company to the objective it the company achieve.
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After hearing a knock at your front door, you are surprised to see the prize patrol from a large, well-known magazine subscription company. it has arrived with the good news that you are the big winner, having won $21 million. you have three options.(a) receive $1.05 million per year for the next 20 years.(b) have $8.25 million today.(c) have $2.25 million today and receive $750,000 for each of the next 20 years. your financial adviser tells you that it is reasonable to expect to earn 13 percent on investments.
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Wendy made her career planning timeline in 2010. in what year should wendy's timeline start? a. 2013 o b. 2012 oc. 2010 o d. 2011
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Which may be a benefit of inflation...

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