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Delilah's Daisies is a flower shop operating in the perfectly competitive flower industry. Delilah's chooses the optimal quantity of bouquets to sell by setting marginal revenue equal to marginal cost, which occurs when the quantity of bouquets is 10. At that quantity, Delila's average variable costs are $3 and average fixed costs are $4. If the price of a boquet is $6, what strategy is both feasible and optimal for Delilah in the short run

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Suppose a stock had an initial price of $36 per share, paid a dividend of $.42 per share during the year, and had an ending share price of $34. what was the capital gains yield?
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Assume that the following conditions​ exist: a. all banks are fully loaned​ up- there are no excess​ reserves, and desired excess reserves are always zero. b. the money multiplier is 5 .     c. the planned investment schedule is such that at a 4 percent rate of​ interest, investment ​=$1450 billion. at 5​ percent, investment is ​$1420 billion. d. the investment multiplier is 3 . e.. the initial equilibrium level of real gdp is ​$12 trillion. f. the equilibrium rate of interest is 4 percent now the fed engages in contractionary monetary policy. it sells ​$1 billion worth of​ bonds, which reduces the money​ supply, which in turn raises the market rate of interest by 1 percentage point. calculate the decrease in money supply after​ fed's sale of​ bonds: ​$nothing billion.
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What is the second step in communication planning? determine the purpose of the message outline the communication for delivery determine the best channel of communication clarify objectives identify the audience
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Two products, qi and vh, emerge from a joint process. product qi has been allocated $34,300 of the total joint costs of $55,000. a total of 2,900 units of product qi are produced from the joint process. product qi can be sold at the split-off point for $11 per unit, or it can be processed further for an additional total cost of $10,900 and then sold for $13 per unit. if product qi is processed further and sold, what would be the financial advantage (disadvantage) for the company compared with sale in its unprocessed form directly after the split-off point?
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Delilah's Daisies is a flower shop operating in the perfectly competitive flower industry. Delilah's...

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