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Assume the market for paper plates is perfectly competitive and currently in equilibrium. If the demand increases while the supply decreases, then we can be certain that:_. a. the equilibrium price will increase.
b. the equilibrium quantity will increase.
c. both price and quantity will increase.
d. both price and quantity will decrease.

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Ryan terlecki organized a new internet company, capuniverse, inc. the company specializes in baseball-type caps with logos printed on them. ryan, who is never without a cap, believes that his target market is college and high school students. you have been hired to record the transactions occurring in the first two weeks of operations. issued 2,900 shares of $0.01 par value common stock to investors for cash at $29 per share. borrowed $68,000 from the bank to provide additional funding to begin operations; the note is due in two years. paid $1,000 for the current month's rent of a warehouse and another $1,000 for next month's rent. paid $1,440 for a one-year fire insurance policy on the warehouse (recorded as a prepaid expense). purchased furniture and fixtures for the warehouse for $16,000, paying $3,200 cash and the rest on account. the amount is due within 30 days. purchased for $2,800 cash the university of pennsylvania, notre dame, the university of texas at austin, and michigan state university baseball caps as inventory to sell online. placed advertisements on google for a total of $340 cash. sold caps totaling $1,900, half of which was charged on account. the cost of the caps sold was $1,100. (hint: make two entries.) made full payment for the furniture and fixtures purchased on account in (e). received $280 from a customer on account.
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Describe three scenarios in which you might utilize mathematics to investigate a crime scene, accident scene, or to make decisions involving police practice. be sure to explain how math is used in police as they work through each scenario.
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Assume the market for paper plates is perfectly competitive and currently in equilibrium. If the dem...

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