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As interest rates rise, bond prices fall, and as interest rates fall, bond prices rise. Because interest rate changes are uncertain, this premium is added as a compensation for this uncertainty. A) This is the rate for a short-term riskless security when inflation is expected to be zero.
B) This is the rate on a Treasury bill or a Treasury bond.
C) This premium is added when a security lacks marketability, because it cannot be bought and sold quickly without losing value.
D) Over the past several years, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland have had lower interest rates than the United States due to lower values of this premium.
E) This is the premium added as a compensation for the risk that an investor will not get paid in full.

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Aconstruction company found that its accountant was embezzling (i. e., stealing money from the company)using a technique called lapping. a typical lapping scenario work like this: the embezzler steals the payment on invoice a, which is $1,000. he or she then takes the money from a larger invoice, such as invoice b for $2,000, and uses part of those funds to pay the $1,000 from invoice a. the embezzler will then repeat the process, paying the missing part of invoice b with funds from invoice c, and so on. thus, the business account is always short the stolen $1,000, but it will appear as though the invoices have been paid. would cash-basis or accrual accounting make this kind of stealing easier to detect? explain your answer.
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As interest rates rise, bond prices fall, and as interest rates fall, bond prices rise. Because inte...

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