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The production possibilities frontier has a bowed-out shape because the quantity of guns the economy must give up in order to produce more butter_the more butter is produced. In other words, the opportunity cost of butter_with increased production. Imagine a society that produces military goods and consumer goods, which we'll call "guns" and "butter," respectively. Indicate which of the points are impossible for the economy to achieve and which are feasible but inefficient. Characteristic A B C D Impossible for the economy to achieve Feasible but inefficient

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Which of the statements about sub prime lending is false? subprime lending occurs when financial institutions issue loans to individuals who are less likely to be able to repay their loan than individuals who meet a set of standards. if a home owner is unable to afford the mortgage payments, the homeowner can always pay off the mortgage by selling the home. the risks associated with subprime lending increase as the likelihood of falling home prices increase. before the 2008 financial crisis, financial institutions increased the number of subprime loans they issued as home prices continued to rise.
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Which of the following statements about brand names is true? brand names give the seller an incentive to provide consistently high-quality products and services in order to protect the reputation of the brand. brand names are always economically wasteful since they dupe consumers into buying more expensive goods and services that are no different from generic versions. it is always rational to prefer brand names over generic substitutes. read the following example and determine whether it illustrates a common critique or defense of advertising. musashi sees a commercial for a brand x clothing company that depicts the wearers of the clothes out having a good time with friends. although he doesn't particularly need new clothes, the commercial prompts him to buy a brand x t-shirt.
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4. the condition requires that only one of the selected criteria be true for a record to be displayed.
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12.     to produce a textured purée, you would use a/an a. food processor. b. wide-mesh sieve. c. immersion blender d. food mill. student a   incorrect which is correct answer?
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The production possibilities frontier has a bowed-out shape because the quantity of guns the economy...

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