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1. Prepare the journal entry to record Tamas Company’s issuance of 6,400 shares of $100 par value, 8% cumulative preferred stock for $104 cash per share. 2. Assuming the facts in part 1, if Tamas declares a year-end cash dividend, what is the amount of dividend paid to preferred shareholders? (Assume no dividends in arrears.)

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The hawthorne works was a large western electric factory with 45,000 employees. during the 1920s and 1930s, hawthorne works was the site of some well-known industrial studies. in one of the studies, researchers investigated the impact of different working conditions on worker productivity. prior to the start of the study, researchers secretly measured workers' productivity for several weeks. then researchers chose two workers, who then chose their own teams. the teams were separated from the general workforce and completed their work in different experiment rooms where the researchers could observe them more easily. over a 5-year period researchers manipulated the structure of the workday for each team (number and duration of breaks and number of hours per shift). for each of these changes in working conditions, the researchers measured the effect on productivity. for some conditions, such as frequent short breaks, workers rebelled by intentionally decreasing productivity. why did the researchers secretly measure the workers' productivity before creating the two treatment groups? a, to create similar treatment groups so that a cause-and-effect relationship could be establishedb, to draw conclusions about the productivity of all workers in the plant based on the test groupsc, to directly control for confounding variablesd, to provide a baseline for measuring worker productivity
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Personal financial planning is the process of creating and achieving financial goals? true or false
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Down under products, ltd., of australia has budgeted sales of its popular boomerang for the next four months as follows: unit salesapril 74,000may 85,000june 114,000july 92,000the company is now in the process of preparing a production budget for the second quarter. past experience has shown that end-of-month inventory levels must equal 10% of the following month’s unit sales. the inventory at the end of march was 7,400 units. required: prepare a production budget by month and in total, for the second quarter.
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In 2000, campbell soup company launched an ad campaign that showed prepubescent boys offering soup to prepubescent girls. the girls declined because they were concerned about their calorie intake. the boys explained that “lots of campbell’s soups are low in calories,” which made them ok for the girls to eat. the ads were pulled after parents expressed concern. why were parents worried? i
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1. Prepare the journal entry to record Tamas Company’s issuance of 6,400 shares of $100 par value, 8...

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