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Culinary Enterprises manufactures cookware sets and sells the sets to department stores. Culinary expects to sell 2 comma 600 cookware sets for $ 300 each in April and 3 comma 300 cookware sets for $ 315 each in May. Sales are 30​% cash and 70​% on account. Compute the total budgeted sales for May. A. $ 780 comma 000 B. $ 1 comma 039 comma 500 C. $ 311 comma 850 D. $ 727 comma 650

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Which of the following statements is true about financial planning
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Torino company has 1,300 shares of $50 par value, 6.0% cumulative and nonparticipating preferred stock and 13,000 shares of $10 par value common stock outstanding. the company paid total cash dividends of $3,500 in its first year of operation. the cash dividend that must be paid to preferred stockholders in the second year before any dividend is paid to common stockholders is:
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The bristol corporation buys equipment on january 1, year one, for $50,000. it has a ten-year life and an expected residual value of $5,000. the double-declining balance method of determining depreciation is applied. the equipment actually loses exactly 10 percent of its initial value every year. on january 1, year three, this equipment is traded for some new machinery that has a fair value of $42,000. at what amount should this new machinery be recorded by bristol? a. $28,800b. $32,000c. $40,000d. $42,000
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For 2018, rahal's auto parts estimates bad debt expense at 1% of credit sales. the company reported accounts receivable and an allowance for uncollectible accounts of $86,500 and $2,100, respectively, at december 31, 2017. during 2018, rahal's credit sales and collections were $404,000 and $408,000, respectively, and $2,340 in accounts receivable were written off. rahal's accounts receivable at december 31, 2018, are:
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Culinary Enterprises manufactures cookware sets and sells the sets to department stores. Culinary ex...

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