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Use the following to determine cash flows from investing activities. a. Equipment with a book value of $65,300 and an original cost of $133,000 was sold at a loss of $14,000.b. Paid $89,000 cash for a new truck. c. Sold land costing $154,000 for $198,000 cash, yielding a gain of $44,000.d. Long-term investments in stock were sold for $60,800 cash, yielding a gain of $4,150

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Aaron corporation, which has only one product, has provided the following data concerning its most recent month of operations: selling price $ 102 units in beginning inventory 0 units produced 4,900 units sold 4,260 units in ending inventory 640 variable costs per unit: direct materials $ 20 direct labor $ 41 variable manufacturing overhead $ 5 variable selling and administrative expense $ 4 fixed costs: fixed manufacturing overhead $ 64,200 fixed selling and administrative expense $ 2,900 the total contribution margin for the month under variable costing is:
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Miller company’s most recent contribution format income statement is shown below: total per unit sales (20,000 units) $300,000 $15.00 variable expenses 180,000 9.00 contribution margin 120,000 $6.00 fixed expenses 70,000 net operating income $ 50,000 required: prepare a new contribution format income statement under each of the following conditions (consider each case independently): (do not round intermediate calculations. round your "per unit" answers to 2 decimal places.) 1. the number of units sold increases by 15%.
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Oimpermeable peaeiremblm: a garment you put on when it's raining. eddepnieent: a sales person. rrgteeaa: to negotiate the price of an article. jcaa: a box where the sales person keeps the money of his/her sales. rbatoa: something inexpensive. zalu: the color of the sky. gfolasdaes (3 words): an object that protects your eyes from the sun.
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Cadillac's portfolio consists of sedans, a crossover, a sport utility vehicle, and a high-performance version of the sedan. the sedans are sold through the cadillac dealer network, but the high-performance version is sold in limited volumes and is not available at all dealers. this difference in availability is an example of how the products within the cadillac portfolio are differentiated by the
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Use the following to determine cash flows from investing activities. a. Equipment with a book value...

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