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Nantucket had an inventory of 230 units of Prime and 85 units of Luxuria at the end of 2018. It has decided that as a measure to counter stock outages it will maintain ending inventory of 370 units of Prime and 200 units of Luxuria. Each Luxuria watch requires one unit of Crimpson and has to be imported at a cost of $11. There were 140 units of Crimpson in stock at the end of 2018.The management does not want to have any stock of Crimpson at the end of 2019. What is the total budgeted cost of goods manufactured in 2019?

a. $1,246,300
b. $1,326,000
c. $1,413,500
d. $1,405,700

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Nantucket had an inventory of 230 units of Prime and 85 units of Luxuria at the end of 2018. It has...

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