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2. Assume that the overhead rates you computed in (1) above are in effect. The job cost sheet for Job 407, which was started and completed during the year, showed the following: Department Milling Assembly Direct labor-hours 5 20 Machine-hours 90 4 Materials requisitioned $ 800 $ 370 Direct labor cost $ 45 $ 160 Compute the total manufacturing cost assigned to Job 407. (Round your intermediate calculations to 2 decimal places.)

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You are an employee of an u. s. firm that produces personal computers in thailand and then exports them to the united states and other countries for sale. the personal computers were originally produced in thailand to take advantage of relatively low labor costs and a skilled workforce. other possible locations considered at that time were malaysia and hong kong. the u. s. government decides to impose punitive 100% ad valorem tariffs on imports of computers from thailand to punish the country for administrative trade barriers that restrict u. s. exports to thailand. how do you think your firm should respond? what does this tell you about the use of targeted trade barriers?
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John is a 45-year-old manager who enjoys playing basketball in his spare time with his teenage sons and their friends. at work he finds that he is better able to solve problems that come up because of his many years of experience, but while on the court, he finds he is not as good keeping track of the ball while worrying about the other players. john's experience is:
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January budgeted selling and administrative expenses for the retail shoe store that craig shea plans to open on january 1, 2018, are as follows: sales commissions, $21,000; rent, $11,000; utilities, $4,900; depreciation, $3,200; and miscellaneous, $1,700. utilities are paid in the month after incurrence. other expenses are expected to be paid in cash in the month in which they are incurred. required determine the amount of budgeted cash payments for january selling and administrative expenses. determine the amount of utilities payable the store will report on the january 31 pro forma balance sheet. determine the amount of depreciation expense the store will report on the income statement for the year 2018, assuming that monthly depreciation remains the same for the entire year.
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Andy purchases only two​ goods, apples​ (a) and kumquats​ (k). he has an income of ​$125 and can buy apples at ​$5 per pound and kumquats at ​$5 per pound. his utility function is ​u(a, k)​ = 6a ​+ 2k. what is his marginal utility for apples and his marginal utility for​ kumquats? ​andy's marginal utility for apples ​(mu subscript a​) is mu subscript aequals 6 and his marginal utility for kumquats ​(mu subscript k​) is
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2. Assume that the overhead rates you computed in (1) above are in effect. The job cost sheet for Jo...

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