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Information for a firm using the dollar value (DV) LIFO retail method follows. The cost to retail (C/R) is provided along with price level indices. The data reflects the use of the method through year one. RetailRetailDV /R CostBase$2001.00$200.40$80year one801.10$88.34$30For year two, ending inventory at retail (by count) totaled $310. The ending price-level index for the year was 1.15. The cost-to-retail ratio was .42. What is the ending inventory for financial reporting purposes for this firm?A. $121

B. $108C. $106

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Every 10 years, the federal government sponsors a national survey of health and health practices (nhanes). one question in the survey asks participants to rate their overall health using a 5-point rating scale. what is the scale of measurement used for this question? ratio ordinal interval nominal
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Specialization—the division of labor—enhances productivity and efficiency by a) allowing workers to take advantage of existing differences in their abilities and skills. b) avoiding the time loss involved in shifting from one production task to another. c) allowing workers to develop skills by working on one, or a limited number, of tasks. d)all of the means identified in the other answers.
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Capital financial corporation will lend 90 percent against account balances that have averaged 30 days or less; 80 percent for account balances between 31 and 40 days; and 70 percent for account balances between 41 and 45 days. customers that take over 45 days to pay their bills are not considered acceptable accounts for a loan. the current prime rate is 16.50 percent, and capital charges 3.50 percent over prime to charming as its annual loan rate. a. determine the maximum loan for which charming paper company could qualify.
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How success was the first day of the bus boycott
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Information for a firm using the dollar value (DV) LIFO retail method follows. The cost to retail (C...

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