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Biometrics (retinal scans, fingerprints, and the like) are mainly used for by large security-minded entities such as banking institutions and credit card centers for regulating access to sensitive information, but biometrics are also gaining ground in the general corporate world.

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In general, as long as the number of firms that possess a particular valuable resource or capability is less than the number of firms needed to generate perfect competition dynamics in an industry, that resource or capability can be considered and a potential source of competitive advantage. answers: valuablerareinimitableun-substituta ble
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Carlos hears juan and rita’s complaints about the new employees with whom they have to work with, as well as their threats to quit the company. if carlos were to reassign juan and rita to new, unique roles and separate them from the ronny and bill, it would signal that carlos has moved into the stage of managing resistance.
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Palmer frosted flakes company offers its customers a pottery cereal bowl if they send in 3 boxtops from palmer frosted flakes boxes and $1. the company estimates that 60% of the boxtops will be redeemed. in 2012, the company sold 675,000 boxes of frosted flakes and customers redeemed 330,000 boxtops receiving 110,000 bowls. if the bowls cost palmer company $3 each, how much liability for outstanding premiums should be recorded at the end of 2012?
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Biometrics (retinal scans, fingerprints, and the like) are mainly used for by large security-minded...

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