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Homer is a street person whose preferences over the two goods he consumes, food (good 1) and fortified wine (good 2) are represented by the utility function u(x1,x2)=x1x28 (mu1=x28, and mu2=8x1x27). homer receives a pension of $100.00 per week. he can buy food at the local dispensary at a price of $4 a bucket. the local convenience store sells fortified wine at $6 a gallon jug. a. what is homer's mrs? b. assuming that homer stays sober long enough to maximize preferences, what are homer consumption levels of food and wine?

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The following information pertains to trudell ​company's budgeted income statement for the month of june 2011 ​: ​(click the icon to view the budgeted income​ statement.) requirements ​(a) determine the​ company's breakeven point in both units and dollars. ​(b) the sales manager believes that a $ 26 comma 400 increase in the monthly advertising expenses will result in a considerable increase in sales. how much of an increase in sales must result from increased advertising in order to break even on the monthly​ expenditure? ​(c) the sales manager believes that an advertising expenditure increase of $ 26 comma 400 coupled with a 10 % reduction in the selling price will double the sales quantity. determine the net income​ (or loss) if these proposed changes
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How does the plaintiff, mrs. wood, try to implicate the gun manufacturer ( who testifies, what do they say, what evidence is introduced)?
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Jen left a job paying ​$75,000 per year to start her own florist shop in a building she owns. the market value of the building is ​$120,000. she pays ​$35,000 per year for flowers and other​ supplies, and has a bank account that pays 5 percent interest. what is the economic cost of​ jen's business?
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Slow ride corp. is evaluating a project with the following cash flows: year cash flow 0 –$12,000 1 5,800 2 6,500 3 6,200 4 5,100 5 –4,300 the company uses a 11 percent discount rate and an 8 percent reinvestment rate on all of its projects. calculate the mirr of the project using all three methods using these interest rates.
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Homer is a street person whose preferences over the two goods he consumes, food (good 1) and fortifi...

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