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What is the presence of complete extra sets of chromosomes?

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Why do leaves change color in the fall? green pigments break down and no longer mask the color of chlorophyll. chlorophyll breaks down and no longer masks the colors of other pigments. red- and yellow-colored pigments grow and mask green-colored chlorophyll. green-colored chlorophyll breaks down and turns red and yellow.
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Lola needs to sign 6 invitations. using stopwatch that measures time to tenths of a second, it takes lola 5.3 seconds to sign her full name. going by the accuracy of the stopwatch, which is the most accurate determination for the number of minutes lola needs to sign all 96 invitations
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Can bacteria reproduce in a way such that when you start out with two bacteria, you get five bacteria? why or why not? * a. yes, because bacteria reproduce sexually, and can produce any number of offspring, just as humans do. b. no, because bacteria grow at an exponential rate. c. no, because when bacteria reproduce, they split into two parts, and two bacteria splitting would result in four bacteria.
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Asegment of dna that codes for rna and a protein is a
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What is the presence of complete extra sets of chromosomes?...

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