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What is your favorite theme that is discussed in the unit and why?

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Which of these forms or genres appeared in the baroque period, but  not  previous periods?
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Realist artists were most influenced by the:
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Read the following scene from trifles. mrs. hale (resentfully). i don’t know as there’s anything so strange, our takin’ up our time with little things while we’re waiting for them to get the evidence. (she sits down at the big table, smoothing out a block with decision.) i don’t see as it’s anything to laugh about. mrs. peters. (apologetically). of course they’ve got awful important things on their minds. (pulls up a chair and joins mrs. hale at the table.) how would an audio recording most likely convey the characters’ emotions during this scene?
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Which of the following is an indicator that scallops are done? a. they turn milky white. b. they become transculent. c. the shells open. d. they separate easily into segments.
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What is your favorite theme that is discussed in the unit and why?...

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