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Which of these statements properly demonstrates the angle addition postulate for the m∠afc m∠afc ? a. m∠afc=m∠afb+m∠bfd m∠afc=m∠afb+m∠bfd b. m∠afc=m∠afb+m∠bfc m∠afc=m∠afb+m∠bfc c. m∠afc=m∠cfd+m∠dfe m∠afc=m∠cfd+m∠dfe d. m∠afc=m∠afb+m∠dfc+m∠cfb m∠afc=m∠afb+m∠dfc+m∠cfb
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Secondary school falls between a . kindergarten & elementary b. elementary school & post secondary school c. post secondary school & higher education d. middle school & high school
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Let r(t) represent the rate, in square feet per minute, at which a groundskeeper is mowing a lawn t minutes after 3 p. m. what expression represents the area, in square feet, of the lawn that is mowed between 3 p. m. and 5 p. m.?
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Which statement best describes lymph? a. a clear fluid that carries proteins, water, white blood cells, fat, dead cells, and toxins that drain from the fluid between the cells of the body b. a clear fluid in the cells that to secrete and transport hormones from one region of the body to another c. a thick, opaque, and yellowish fluid that is present when there is an infection in the body d. a clear, liquid component of blood that contains red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and iron
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